14 Jul 2021 - Forge CLI version 1.6.0 and egress enforcement

:warning: Data egress not declared in app manifest

Starting today, we’re requiring newly deployed apps to configure runtime egress permissions in their app manifest. Apps without runtime egress permissions configured will no longer work as expected.

See this deprecation notice for more details.

:bug: Bug fixes in Forge CLI version 1.6.0

This release includes:

  • A fix for the linter not suggesting the correct scopes when using the properties API from @forge/api .
  • Improved reporting of some runtime errors as seen from forge logs .
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Custom UI and forge tunnel now work correctly for apps installed onto *.jira.com sites.

Are changes in the manifest file required if the app does not have any egress besides jira/confluence apis?

Hey @JulianWolf, thanks for clarifying, no changes are required if your app only interacts with Jira/Confluence apis through @forge/api or @forge/bridge.

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Which are the “Various UI improvements” ? :slight_smile: Are there more details?

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Hi @ChristosMoysiadis, they were mainly consistency changes between commands, for example renaming the Scopes column from the table in the forge install --upgrade command to Version to match other similar tables in the CLI.


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