2020 Atlassian Partner Awards - Open for Nominations: Developer Contributor

As you may have seen, Atlassian has renamed our flagship event Atlassian Summit to Team 2021. Although we will be remote, this year is otherwise no different. Atlassian’s growth is attributed, in part, to our ecosystem of partners. Every year, we recognize our customers successes and celebrate our partners’ achievements.

2020 Partner Award Categories include:

  • Fastest Cloud Marketplace App Growth
  • Fastest Data Center Marketplace App Growth
  • Atlassian SaaS Integration: Fastest Marketplace App Growth
  • Top Rated Marketplace App
  • Developer Contributor

For one of this year’s Partner Award categories, we are giving you the opportunity to nominate a fellow member of the developer community for the '2020 Atlassian Partner Award: Developer Contributor.'

Nominate a fellow developer today
Nominations will be open until February 15th, 2021

Award recipients can use this recognition to build stronger community ties and assert their leadership within the Atlassian ecosystem and the broader industry. Recipients will also receive:

  • An engraved Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020 Trophy
  • Use of Atlassian Partner of the Year 2020 award badges to showcase your company in conjunction with Atlassian Team 2021 promotions
  • Consideration as a council representative for the Ecosystem Council* for the upcoming fiscal year
  • And, bragging rights!

Not all Partner Awards recipients are be eligible for Ecosystem Council consideration. Category awards that qualify are: Fastest Cloud Marketplace App Growth, Fastest Data Center Marketplace App Growth, and Developer Contributor. More details to come for Team 2021 and Ecosystem Council nominations.

Thank you again for your commitment to the Atlassian ecosystem, whether you’re just getting started or have been around for years. We would not have such a robust developer community without each and every one of you.


Renee Chu
Marketplace Programs


We’ve only received a handful of nominations. This is your opportunity to honor someone in the community that you feel has added value to the developer ecosystem, whether they’ve pointed you in the right direction, helped you directly, or brought the community together.

Your nominations will qualify the recipient representation at the next Ecosystem Council, who will continue to voice the community’s needs to Atlassian. We are accepting submissions until February 15th, end of day PT.


Hello @rchu, I have question about this category: who exactly is it for? apps vendors or other SaaS that built an integration with your products?
Can you please clarify?