3LO requires authorization every time

Hi, I’m trying to build an app that does the following:

  • user comes to our web page for the first time
  • we redirect the user to jira cloud services using oauth 2.0 3LO auth
  • the user logs in to jira and if needed and grants access to our app
  • they are redirected to us and we do the auth code shuffle to make API calls
  • we check that the user has permissions to our JIRA service desk instance.

It seems like every time, the user has to authorize the app. Is there no way to just have them log in to jira (say if they cleared cookies or are on a new browser) and then they don’t have to re-authorize access? We just want them to login again and get a new auth code to check for make API calls to the service desk.


Hey @CraigBowes , were you able to find a workaround for this issue? Approving the app the first time alone will provide a more smoother user flow, Why should he approve it every time.