3LO testing with multiple users

I’m just getting started developing a Confluence app and curious if there’s a way to test a 3LO app with multiple users. I see in the distribution settings that it’s only available to me, and I need to file a ticket to make it public, but is there no way to test with a QA team, or under a staging environment, before making it available to the whole world?

Or is there a way to have the app be public but not listed in the directory?

Hi @DavidKaneda,

Distribution of 3LO apps is only a binary state; either only you can install it, or everyone can install it. I appreciate that this is a bit of a confusing way of setting things up, especially for the scenario you describe around wanting to test app before broader distribution.

Submitting a request for the app to be publicly distributable doesn’t cause the app to be listed in any public directory. The app can only be installed by someone who knows the installation URL of your app, which contains the pseudo-random UUID of the app (so it is also difficult to guess the URL).

I would recommend that you submit a request for the app to be distributed publicly, and then once that request is approved, share the installation URL with your QA/test team.