401 error while installing the addon

Hi, one of our customer tries to install our addon through marketplace. But, he got 401 error message. Whereas it was working fine for others.

We have logs on when users install our app and the latest one was on 24th.

Here is the addon, https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1219006/crystal-gantt?hosting=cloud&tab=overview!
Attached a image of what the user tried. Error-InstallingAddon|690x453

I get a 404 (not 401) error when I try to install it.

This is expected behavior when installing by first time and when installing immediately using Try Again will resolve this issue. But, in this case user has said he gets 401 error, what’s the reason for this?

Why is that the expected behavior?


Because of using older node version, the add-on gets installed only in second attempt of installation. So, this is what expected for that 404 error. But, we are curious to know the reason for 401 error?

Hi @rajagopal,

If you’re using ACE, you should be able to see verify-installation.js on your end debug what was causing the 401. Or if you have further logs to what comes with the 401 status code, that’ll be helpful with this.