403 for "Getting started with Atlaskit!" page

Hi everybody,

on the main page for Atlaskit, https://atlaskit.atlassian.com/ I’m getting a “403 not allowed” when I try to access the “Getting started with Atlaskit!” page.

Unfortunately I can not find any informations about the need of having any special permissions.
I mean, it is the main entrance point to Atlaskit, promising “Everything you need to get up and running.” It should be accessible for everybody, no?

Is there anybody how can shed some light on this?


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Hi @ccsno,

Welcome to Atlassian Community. Unfortunately, you will need to get used to the fact that there is always something that doesn’t work (this is how I can summarise the last four years of being part of the Atlassian Ecosystem).

I’ve checked the page, and I get exactly the same 403 response, so it is something wrong on the Atlassian side, I think. You will need to wait till someone fixes that.

Making noise here is a very good idea.

You can also raise a DEVHELP ticket but the response time is rather slow (I’m still waiting for the first response on the ticket that I raised almost 3 weeks ago).

Update: I’ve just noticed that you are not new here so please forgive me the intro part.


@ccsno thanks for informing us. We’ll reach out to the AtlasKit team for them to chime in here.


Thank you @nmansilla :+1:

@nmansilla fyi: it’s the same behaviour for https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/atlassian-frontend

Which is also linked from the main Atlaskit page https://atlaskit.atlassian.com/ under “Atlaskit Repository”.

Yes, I am with the same problem.

Thanks @nmansilla I’m having this problem too

@nmansilla it’s fixed now :ok_hand: