404 on create Pipeline REST endpoint - POST /2.0/repositories/{username}/{repoSlug}/pipelines/

The api documented here from tomorrow raise 404 :open_mouth:

Any update related with the GDPR deprecation?


@alessandro.aglietti – Yes, instead of {username}, please use {uuid} or {account_id}.

Ok, thanks.

Please update the article because there isn’t any specific references to the pipelines API endpoint even these:
This affects URLs containing a username in the path on /users endpoints.

Reading the GDPR article for me is not straightforward that pipelines endpoints are affected too.


@ehenry GET requests works as usual without the user uuid, only POST raise 404 on that pipelines endpoint.

Should I update also GET requests?


PPS, sorry for spam posting but for us is a production issue: from today our deployment pipeline is stucked, any mate can’t deploy.

To recap
POST /2.0/repositories/{username}/{repoSlug}/pipelines/ with username instead of uuid throw 404
POST /2.0/repositories/{username}/{repoSlug}/pipelines/ with uuid instead of username throw 404 with {"type": "error", "error": {"message": "target_user"}}
GET /2.0/teams/{username} with username instead of uuid works
GET /2.0/teams/{username} with uuid instead of username throw 404 with {"type": "error", "error": {"message": "<uuid of our team here>"}}

What should we do?


@alessandro.aglietti – Sorry for causing a production issue!

Feel free to use the “Give docs feedback” link to let the authors know that you find the migration notification to be unclear.

From what I can tell, the Pipelines API may have been updated to stop accepting username. I will follow up with the team to see what is happening there.

The changes for the GDPR deprecation aren’t going in to effect until April 12th, 2019, so until then all API endpoints should behave the same. Once the changes go in to effect, all endpoints that previously accepted {username} will no longer work.

@alessandro.aglietti - could you create a support ticket for the 404 POST on the Pipelines API?


Yep, we are on it with a P1.