429 errors without invalid remaining limit

Hi all.

We sometimes receive 429 errors, without any limitation warning.

Example of 429 error message:
{“message”:“Rate limit exceeded: database time for API token”,“error”:“API_TOKEN_DB_LIMIT_EXCEEDED”}

But, these are the header limit informations of the 3 calls before we start getting 429.

X-Rate-Limit-Api-Key-Remaining: 294
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Token-Remaining: 94
X-Rate-Limit-Member-Remaining: 369
X-Rate-Limit-Db-Query-Time-Remaining: 6547809

X-Rate-Limit-Api-Key-Remaining: 291
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Token-Remaining: 93
X-Rate-Limit-Member-Remaining: 368
X-Rate-Limit-Db-Query-Time-Remaining: 6550731

X-Rate-Limit-Api-Key-Remaining: 289
X-Rate-Limit-Api-Token-Remaining: 90
X-Rate-Limit-Member-Remaining: 367
X-Rate-Limit-Db-Query-Time-Remaining: 6545063

Is there another hidden limitation that we don’t see in the headers?
Thank you.

Hi Frederic, there shouldn’t be.

If you’d like, you can write to our developer support and provide us with your api key (as well as any other relevant information for you) and we can try to trouble shoot. Jira Service Management