500 Error while retrieving temporary credentials for OAuth flow

I’m implementing OAuth flow for API with instruction posted here: https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/jira-rest-api-oauth-authentication/
But for some reason, I constantly getting 500 Internal Server Error when trying to get temporary credentials.

Atlassian has implemented examples for different languages stored on Bitbucket (particular for PHP): https://bitbucket.org/atlassianlabs/atlassian-oauth-examples/src/master/php/src/Atlassian/OAuthWrapper.php
The problem is in the requestTempCredentials method.
The affected endpoint is https:<jira_cloud_url>/plugins/servlet/oauth/request-token

Have anyone faced with that problem?

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Yes I am also facing the same issues, also looking for the solution

Same issue for me too,
@tue2code @AndrewStoyan did you happen to find a solution or at least a work around for this?

Kind of. In my case there where a typo in public key and instead of getting 400 there were 500. So check it, hope it will work