A daily updated overview of Forge apps as listed on the Atlassian Marketplace

For those interested in browsing all Forge apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace, I present you with https://forge.report

It allows you to search & filter all the Forge apps. In the future I hope to add features like statistics, the ability to download the results for further analysis & card view.

The table can also be embedded as a Confluence macro, by installing it manually from https://forge.report/descriptors/confluence/atlassian-connect.json


This is great Remie!

I’m having some issues with the search. :frowning:

Also - it would be great if there was an export to CSV option.

Oh no! Can you elaborate on this issue? Or maybe share a screen cast?

Yes, that feature is definitely on the list, incl. a histogram of changes over time and a download archive of all data per day

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Thanks on the CSV being on the roadmap. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried in Chrome, an incognito window in Chrome as well as Firefox but can’t get results to show from the Search.

Alright, I found the issue. It was transforming the name of the app and partner to lowercase, but the case of the search filter was not adjusted. So searching for adaptavist would have worked, but Adaptavist did not. I fixed the issue, you should now be able to search case-insensitive.

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Thanks so much! It’s working now. :+1:

Thanks - this is great!

I wonder how the “# of users” column is calculated? This is something Atlassian provides, right?

We have a Forge app (beta) with 21 installs (including some 10-users test instances), but a total of 4k users. This seems to be unrealistic. Any thoughts?

Gentle bump to @remie

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Yes, the numbers come from atlassian and it’s basically a sum of all the users registered to the instances on which the app is installed. So it’s not the actual users of the app, but the potential users. That means that even with 21 installs, if one of those happens to be an enterprise customer with 20K users, your app will report 20K users in that list.

The purpose of this is to signal the impact of the apps. For instance, our Version & Component Sync for Jira app has a relatively small install base of 457, but due to the nature of the app it is being used by a lot of Enterprise customers. As such, the user count for that app is 583.771.

Atlassian uses this number also internally, as we were told when they contacted several times to ask if they could help us creating a Cloud version of that app. That was only because of the relatively large user base.