A SPA within Jira

Hi there guys

We would like to start developing our own reporting for Jira and it would be great to have this within the actual Jira UI, which is Data Center.

I come from a predominantly C# background, so I tend to hack the macros and blueprints I’ve created in Confluence to call C# api’s, or rather, to use as little java as possible and instead use JavaScript.

I’m coming here for tips however, I’m willing to do this in Java, but I just need to be pointed in the right direction. Here are some questions I have.

  • If I had to do this in Java, what courses or frameworks should I study to skill myself up?
  • Should I continue to use JavaScript to call a C# api, or is it easier to do this in Java?
  • What frontend framework should I use? Angular/Meteor/React etc - I’m open to suggestions
  • Should I do the whole UI in C# and then iFrame it into the page?
  • Which chart framework should I use (I’ve found ChartsJS which looks pretty promising)
  • We need to ensure that this is Mobile friendly, so keep that in mind
  • Should I rather do this in Confluence?
  • Should it just be a standalone app?

Any advice would be gladly appreciated. I’m alone in the dark here and definitely need some guidance.

Hey @JarrodMoura,

that’s a ton of questions! Not gonna answer all of them but maybe I can point you in the right direction.

You should definitely read the getting started guide for Jira Server app development!

You can do this however you want. Doing it in Java would allow you to create new REST endpoints directly inside Jira and use the same Managers that Jira uses internally to get your data. But if you already got something external working with c# you might as well keep it.

Probably React, because of the Atlaskit library. I think somone rewrote parts of Atlaskit for Vue or something, but Atlaskit (React) is the official one.

If that seems easiest for you, why not? This would also make it easy to port your app into the Atlassian Cloud (should you decide to go there) as in the Cloud you in fact only have iframes available as integration points.

Well, that’s probably just personal preference. If you want to have Jira reporting inside Jira, then do it. If you want to define Confluence as your exclusive reporting platform then that’s also fine. Depending on what you do it shouldn’t even be too hard to make your app available on both Platforms, espcecially if you’re sandboxing yourself in an iframe already.

Thank you @sven.schatter, that’s really informative.

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