About the Forge Quest category

Welcome to the Forge Quest category in the Atlassian Developer Community.

Forge quest is a course intended for new Forge developers. It is intended to be worked through from start to end - which is a little different to the current approach in our docs today.

Forge Quest will

  • Introduce Atlassian, and the Atlassian Ecosystem.
  • Give an overview of Jira and Confluence, including key concepts that will be helpful when developing apps for these products
  • Familiarise users with the Atlassian Developer documentation needed to build a Forge app
  • Explain where to go for help, and support
  • Include longer, more in depth tutorials than those offered in the getting started section

We’ve created this category as a place for developers working through Forge Quest to meet other developers new to forge, ask questions and leave feedback about their experience with the course.

Check out the course content now at Forge Quest: Welcome