Access confluence cloud from external website

Hey Guys

My company uses confluence cloud to store its how-to’s and support documentation but are in the process of building a bespoke customer support and fulfillment portal that contains more than just the confluence content. I would like to know if its possible to display the content from our confluence cloud instance on this new portal via the Rest API?
To be clear we still want to use confluence to manage our support documents but would like to display the pages to customers via the new external website/portal we are building.
Any guidance or ideas would be greatly appreciated


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Why not use JIRA Service Desk with Confluence as a knowledge base?

Hey rmassaioli

Thanks for getting back to so quickly we are currently using JIRA Service Desk with Confluence as a knowledge base, however we are moving to a communal “hub” site that is more of a one-stop-shop for customers and contains a lot of functionality not related to confluence or service desk directly (like managing their subscription tier, viewing product analytics etc).
We’re looking to avoid having customers leave the new hub to interact with support material, hence the hope that we can query for and return support pages via an API.