Access rest/applinks

I am developping an atlassian connect add-on for JIRA Cloud. My addon needs to know the already linked applications to my JIRA cloud instance. After doing some research trough the threads I found this endpoint:


which can give me the information I need but they seem to be private. If I authenticate in the browser on my JIRA Cloud instance and make this REST call I get an XML with all the info I want.
However, if I do it via AP.request in my Javascript client side:

        url: '/rest/applinks/3.0/listApplicationlinks',
        success: function (data) {
        error: function(data){
        type: "GET",

I get a a 403 error.

Does anybody have any idea about why? how and why do I need some “extra” authentication in my already registered add-on and how would it be?

thank you in advance!

Hi @fjmh89,

Unfortunately, those endpoints are not available for connect apps, see Jira REST Scopes as well as this thread.

Anne Calantog