Access to restricted pages by admin in confluence cloud

We have use case to crawl all spaces and pages from confluence site.
But we have encountered an issue where crawler account is not able to discover pages defined with restrictions. We are using Content API as mentioned below:-
Sample Endpoint: https:///wiki/rest/api/content/search?,,,space,ancestors,history,history.lastUpdated,history.contributors.publishers.users,children.attachment,metadata.labels&limit=25&start=0&cql=type in (page,blogpost) and space = . It gives empty response.
This crawler account (app authorized using OAuth2 with required scopes) has access to all spaces but not part of restrictions defined at page level.

Basically, we want crawler account to access all spaces and pages (even restricted ones).

  1. How crawler account can access to restricted pages?
  2. Is there any other endpoint which can be used to get restricted pages by crawler account?