Accessing form data before submit

I’m creating a custom field where you shall be able to add multiple links to issues on another web site. I need to verify that the issues exists before submitting but can’t find any way to access the components inside the CustomFieldEdit. I’m currently rendering the following

    <Select label='Project' name="projectSelect">
        { => <Option label={} value={} />)}
    <TextField label="Work Item" type="number" name="projectWorkItem" />
    <Button onClick={onFindWorkItem} text="Find" icon='editor-search' />

How can I in the function onFindWorkItem connected to the onClick event on the button access the value from the Select component and the TextField?

Hi @ChristoferHellqvist ,

I don’t think UI kit supports any validation prior to form submission. I suspect you will have to bind a function to the CustomFieldEdit onSubmit prop. The function should be called with the form data.

<CustomFieldEdit onSubmit={onSubmit} ...


Ok, so there are not really a good solution for me to be able to add multiple links and verify their target without performing a submit for the whole field?

The only way I find to cancel the submit is to return something that wont validate but that will force the form to reload and show a message on the screen that its not validating.

@ChristoferHellqvist ,

Remember with UI kit, logic always runs in Forge functions in the back end. With Custom UI, however, you can run logic in the front end.