Accessing Jira API via Addon server after User Leaves Session

Hi - I’m developing an addon and would like to make requests against the jira REST API after the user has left the session (similar to the goal of a once daily data import). I know that the JWT has an expiry of 15 minutes and I can use the JWT to get a new JWT.

Is there any way to do this that doesn’t include refreshing the JWT prior to that expiry every 15 minutes? Or is this simply an antipattern?


Hi @JasonImmerman, welcome to the community. Access tokens will expire at the 15 minute mark, so you’ll need to refresh. Details in the docs on user impersonation:

Thanks @nmansilla. Understood on both the JWT flow and the OAuth2 flow for impersonation. However, both have expiry’s defaulting to 15 minutes, and no longer-lived refresh token (so I can only refresh the token before the current token expires).

If I wanted to perform some nightly job that interacts with the jira REST API, would I need to refresh the token every 14 minutes (or whatever interval < 15 minutes) 24 hours per day 7 days per week for each user in order to achieve my goal, or is there a less fragile solution?