Accessing Trello client.js from Express Server / Webhook

Creating a Trello PowerUp with an Express JS server listening to a Trello webhook. Is it possible to access Trello’s client.js or the Trello window object from the server.js that sets up the Express server and webhook listener? Example code referenced below.

I included the <script src="[key]"></script> in the index.html.

And would like to reference it in the following server.js code:

app.all('/', (req, res, next) => {
    // where I would like to reference
    // e.g. "[, params], success, error)"
    // e.g. "[, params], success, error)"

Thank you in advance for the help. :slight_smile:

Not exactly, no. Keep in mind that client.js is a front-end javascript library. It is intended to be run in the context of a browser. It is a very lightweight wrapper for making HTTP requests to the Trello REST API, which is something that is easy to do from a backend context, as well, just not with this library.

Your server.js is running node and so you’ll want to learn how to make HTTP requests from Node. Here is a good tutorial to get you started:

Hi Bentley, thank you for confirming what I expected. Currently I am using HTTP requests in the Node server.js. The reason I asked is because I’m looking to add to pluginData which appears to only be available through t.set(). Trying to store miscellaneous data on a card object.

Appreciate your help here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, using t.set() and writing pluginData can only be done from within the context of a Power-Up. Unfortunately, you can’t set pluginData from a backend server.

Shucks. Well, appreciate the support here.

Trying to replicate a feature similar to the Trello Card Aging PowerUp. Any recommendations given the aforementioned restrictions?

Thanks again. :pray:

Resolved. Found solution in card badges. :+1:

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