Accessing Users-Data from External Directory without Crowd

Hello everybody,

I need to get User-Data from an External Directory (LDAP) and while trying to use the DirectoryManager for doing that, I encountered a problem with using the Crowd maven repositories (Atlassian Crowd Core API or Atlassian Crowd Core).
Usually I get a couple of FileNotFoundExceptions for several JAR files (idb.jar, classes12.jar, p6psy.jar, commons-cli.jar, jts1_0.jar, carol.jar and jonas_timer.jar).

That leads me to believe that I actually would need to have Crowd installed on the Server. However, Crowd is NOT going to be available on the final JIRA Server.

Now my question would be:

Is here any other way to get data from External Directories or did I just do something wrong while writing the POM(or something) ?

What I added to the POM

Everything I added to the POM

Best regards and thank you in advance.

You don’t need to add the crowd dependencies. What are you trying to accomplish?

Thanks for the quick (and sorry for my late) reply,
I am trying to get User Data (Name, E-Mail) from an External Directory to Create new JIRA Users with that Data