accountId in jql 'status by' clause

Hi community.
How to work with accountId in jql ‘status by’ clause?
In search issue I try to use jql ‘status changed by 557057:ba7dca2d-e8a2-4d4b-9437-e4201852444a’ and get error: ‘The user ‘557057:ba7dca2d-e8a2-4d4b-9437-e4201852444’ does not exist and cannot be used in the ‘by’ predicate.’

‘/rest/api/2/user?expand=groups&accountId=557057:ba7dca2d-e8a2-4d4b-9437-e4201852444a’ returns user

Thank you.

You can create jql function. And use it to search by accountId in jql.

The simplest way you need install MyGroovy plugin and create jql function on page /plugins/servlet/my-groovy/jql/

Can you confirm that the question is in the context of Jira Cloud and not Jira Server? I’m assuming Jira Cloud since you’re referencing accountId’s in your JQL.

Hi Ralph
Yes, cloud.
Here I see usage with username:

but here
not mentioned accountId but in search page it works.

And question is in GDPR, no username will be provided, for example

Thank you.