ACE add-on installation lifecycle

I have a question regarding the ACE installation lifecycle and licensing in general. I’m working on Jira Cloud Connect App using express framework.

Is there a way to display better error message during installation process using plug-in?

The motivation for this is we want to control who can install the app based on the baseUrl during the installation lifecycle. If the baseUrl is not on an approved list (i.e. not a customer), we want to reject the installation. I’m able to reject the installation if the baseUrl, but the error is a generic error message with only the status being sent. I want to pass in better error message such as ‘It looks like you are not XYZ customer, please contact XYZ for further support’.

We are registering webhooks in our app. I think with licensing we can restrict the processing of webhooks (via addon.Authenticate() with the lic parameter). But if someone can successfully install the app without being a customer, wouldn’t that still generate a lot of traffic from the Jira Cloud instance to our Connect App? We are trying to have restriction on installation to prevent that.

                              A                                 B

Jira Cloud instance ----- Our Connect App ------ Our Processing

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Hi @DavidWeb ,

I don’t think we support this. The only solution I can think of is to allow the installation and present more information in a post install page. Obviously this also means extra work to ensure the app can’t perform operations - I don’t know how feasible that is for you.



Thank you @dmorrow. I ending up doing what you suggested. Thank you for replying.

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