ACE AddonSettings size


We are facing an issue with the size of the AddonSettings table. It’s currently 4.1GB with 2.82M rows. (During the last month the size has increased by 0.9GB.)

One client has over 1M entries in the table - one with key clientInfo, the rest with key bearer:xyz123. Is it normal, that the bearer-info isn’t cleaned up?

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I remember that there was an error in ACE, that was causing duplicate rows. It was fixed in one of the recent version. Did you upgrade ACE?

Actually we just upgraded to 6.6.0. So with a bit of luck, we won’t get a lot of new rows. But there’s still the question of what to do with the existing ones. Is it safe to delete (some of) them?

I am guessing that yes, it should be safe, I think that ACE uses only one row per tenant anyway, however big question is which row :sweat_smile:

I think this is the thread that was about the problem: I found a bug in Atlassian Connect Express Sequelize storage adapter, how do I report it?

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The data does contain expiry datestamp, but as it’s in the json dump, you can’t query by it.

In my brief tests however deleting all the bearer token doesn’t seem to affect the user in any way. A new entry is created if an existing one is not found. I assume this is just a cache.

Can somebody from Atlassian confirm, if it’s safe to delete all bearer-tokens from the AddonSettings -table?

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