ACE bug report: if webhook url contains 'i={issue.key}' express is not able to create a post route and webhook ends up with a http 404

the jira webhook issue_property_set does not contain the issue key but you can add it by extending the url with {issue.key} as mentioned in the docs

the following entry in atlassian-connect.json

"webhooks": [{
            "event": "issue_property_set",
            "url": "/webhook-property-set?i={issue.key}"


POST /webhook-property-set?i=FLOWER-180&lic=active 404 5.950 ms - 172

because in node_modules/atlassian-connect-express/lib/index.js (line 140) the express route for post does not allow request params:
          // mount path
          webhookUrl.path(), //here comes /webhook-property-set?i={issue.key}
          // auth middleware
          // request handler
          (req, res) => {
            try {
              self.emit(webhook.event, webhook.event, req.body, req);
            } catch (ex) {
              console.log('XXX E', ex);

is there any workaround?