[ACE] CLI hang upon creating a project

I have a similar issue to the one mentioned here: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/AC-1267 but that never received a proper solution.

What happens is that, upon creating a new ACE project from the command line, as soon as the option ‘select a product’ pops up and a random product is select and confirmed by pressing enter, the command prompt just hangs. It doesn’t freeze but nothing happens either.

I’ve tried several things like removing the ACE package and doing a clean install and even reinstalling Node and NPM. I have also tested it in different directories on my filesystem but nothing seems to fix the issue.


  1. What OS are you running?
  2. And it hangs on any selected product?
  3. What version of ACE are you running? (atlas-connect --version)


  1. I am running Windows 10 Pro
  2. It hangs on all the selected products
  3. That’d be 0.6.6