ACE Confluence staticMacro content format

Hi community,

I working on my staticMacro for Confluence Cloud. According to documentation, my macro should return an “XHTML in the Confluence storage format”.

Confluence storage format is described here: As there is only server version of this documentation. I have to assume the cloud version is either equal or at least very similar.

All HTML based tags work for me. But only a subset of <ac:> tags work. For example <ac:image> does work. But nothing from the Resource identifiers works. I tried <ri:shortcut> and <ri:user> — no success.

I can see empty <ri:user> </ri:user> in rendered HTML source. But the ri:userkey parameter is stripped from it.

I can see full <ri:space ri:space-key="AD"> </ri:space> but it’s not rendered.

Any ideas?