ACE, fetch external resource

I am trying my hand at connect after having some success with the customUI. Unfortunately I am finding the transition thoroughly confusing.

ATM i have not been able to figure out how I can fetch a resouce from an external REST interface that i own/host on a server elsewhere on the web, from my react component

Ive tried using AP.Request, axios, useFetch but everything comes back forbidden. With forge it was a simple enough exercise of adjusting the manifest to extend permissions - but I am unable to find any such equivalent.

To clarify further, my resource is responding with JSON data.

Could somebody please explain the basic flow with an example. Im slamming my head up against a wall on this.

Hi @AdamCranch. FYI, AP.request should only be used for making calls to the host product (ex: Jira, Confluence, etc.). That being said, you should be able to use any HTTP client (ex: axios) just as long as the server you’re calling will accept a cross domain requests (ex: server returns Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * headers).

Here’s a tool that you can make an HTTP request to that returns random JSON data, and permits cross domain calls: GET . Can you try plugging that into your app to see if you’re still getting errors?