ACE - macro output content width doesn't fit to page width

Hi, we did developed an add-on macro for confluence cloud using atlassian express connect.

The macro output content width did resize to the page width but now ,i guess since some days, the macro view doesn’t resize to the page width anymore.

How can we fix that issue ?


The atlassian-connect.json file looks like that:


    "modules": {
        "dynamicContentMacros": [
                "url": "/macro?data={data}",
                "featured": true,
                "icon": {
                    "url": "/images/icons/icon.png",
                    "height": 16,
                    "width": 16
                "categories": ["confluence-content", "external-content" , "media"],
                "outputType": "inline",
                "bodyType": "NONE",
                "editor": {
                    "height": "445px",
                    "width": "865px",
                    "url": "/editor"
            "imagePlaceholder": {
                "width": 80,
                "height": 80,
                "url": "/images/icons/placeholder.png"

I cloud solve this issue by myself based on this reported bug:

Change "outputType": "inline",
to "outputType": "BLOCK",