ACE sharedSecret store through APIs

Hi all,

I’ve been having a lot of questions since starting Connect App. I’ve read that we could have our custom adapter to stored the shared secret and other client info. I want to provide just api to get, update, and delete shared secret. Is there a way to do that? I am new to this and the team feels uncomfortable giving access to the backend database to store these items.

The adapter examples on the atlassian-connect-express project seems to based on actual database with driver for sequelize. Is there a way to write adapter just based on api with no actual database exposed?


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You can implement your own storage adapter for ACE. It has a very simple API. You can look at the Sequelize adapter as an example of how to build your own. That said, it’s unclear to me what you mean by “just based on api with no actual database exposed” – can you elaborate?

Thank you for your response Bob. I’m a total newbie. Originally, we didn’t want to expose the database to the connect app just for accessing/setting sharedSecret because we have other tables on the schema. But alternatively, we could just have a separate schema where that schema is only use for storing these sharedsecret.

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