Active instances drastically cut down?


I’ve observed some few apps having reduced abnormally A LOT their active instances (i.e: lost more than 650 active instances in a week).

Has the algorithm to compute active instances changed?



Ah yes, it is doing that thing again

See also

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No. It is not this. I mean a totally different issue related to Active Instances and not related to Downloads.

There are some apps with an unusual number of active instances. Very very much less instances compared to previous week.

I see the same drop in my active licenses and I also see this in my downloads chart. Given that these aggregated numbers are gathered by the same scheduled task and always run on the same day (Sunday, yesterday) I truly do believe they are connected. But maybe this is something @dparrish can better answer.

Active installs in the marketplace have stopped reporting Jira 6.2 and lower and Confluence 5.7 and lower. Might correspond to some particular UPM version.

Yes, It looks like that.

Thanks, @dbenson! Was/Is there any official announcement about it from Atlassian? Is it in the documentation of the UPM? I didn’t come across any and also couldn’t find any.

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Just worked it out from active installs.