Active Objects repository missing on Bitbucket

The Active Objects repository is no longer found at Any chance it can come back?


Anyone at atlassian? @mpaisley @nmansilla it’s kinda hard developing things when the closest thing to documentation is not available…


AO is very poorly documented to begin with. Please bring back the repo, thx :slight_smile:

I have written a blogpost about AO and some best practices. It is in german, but code snippets are self-explanatory:ür-atlassian-jira-server-mit-active-objects-b1ad6cae908


It was inadvertently made private. Sorry about that, I’m sure it’s annoying.

We’re working to make it public once more, unfortunately it’s not as simple as ticking some checkbox somewhere, or we’d have done that by now.

I don’t know when it’s going to be public once more, but I thought I’d at least tell you what I knew.

Any way for us to get an official process/review approach in place before things are taken internally?
From what I understand/see this isn’t the first time this has happened and the only way to guard myself is to keep copies of all atlassian public repos (nobody wants that).

Estimate on successfully jumping through the hurdles?



This is a polite nudge to an Atlassian, just so this does not get forgotten about!


Any progress on this? We need the source code to debug some differences in AO behavior after recently upgrading.

If some technical limitation exists in bitbucket or your teams organization, could you please mirror it on GitHub? Atlassian hosts other repositories there, so this should not be an unreasonable ask.

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I think the limitations are less technical, and more procedural. I would be very surprised if Bitbucket does not allow you to go from public -> private -> public with a single switch. There must be a (legal?) procedural reason why the repo disappeared, so there is probably also a procedural hurdle that prevents it from being listed again. Unfortunately, the lack of clear No Bullshit communications is what is making this really difficult to digest. Perhaps @nmansilla or @rwhitbeck can help explain what is happening here?

@remie re: reason… no, the cause wasn’t legal. As Andrew said above, it was inadvertent outcome related to accounts/permissions and procedures.

Sit tight. I think we’re right around the corner from getting these back open.

Thanks for the update (and @aswan ). Is it possible for us to dig into how we can avoid this situation in the future?

Just thinking of a case where atlassian-connect-express’s source gets treated the same way once Forge is released… :frowning:

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Here you go.

p.s. Thanks @kbrazulewicz & @aswan.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

FYI Active Objects library and plugin were merged and closed (Bitbucket will reject any push).

New repository can be found -