ActiveObject is not working after the upgrade to 7.5.0

Hi Guys,

I have a plugin containing an active object, This plugin is working perfectly on JIRA 7.3.6.
After the upgrade to JIRA 7.5.0, I’m having the following error:
"message": “There was a SQL exception thrown by the Active Objects library:\nDatabase:\n\t- name:MySQL\n\t- version:5.7.11-log\n\t- minor version:7\n\t- major version:5\nDriver:\n\t- name:MySQL Connector Java\n\t- version:mysql-connector-java-5.1.38 ( Revision: fe541c166cec739c74cc727c5da96c1028b4834a )\n\ncom.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table ‘itjiratstdb.ao_23990d_company’ doesn’t exist”,

I have checked the release notes and didn’t find anything related to the active objects in 7.5.0. Can you please help? Is there something missing?

thanks in advance,

I don’t know the answer, but I have a couple of observations that might lead you to a solution.

  • You are using a JDBC driver that is slightly behind the latest.
  • The Active Object plugin is supposed to upper-case the table name to ease compatibility with multiple databases. In your error message, the table name is shown in lower case. Not sure what’s up with that.

You can read up about Active Objects table names. Note that the 23990d in your table name is derived from the MD5 hash of your add-on’s key. That hasn’t changed, has it? Are there any other tables post-fixed with ‘COMPANY’ in the database?

thanks @david.pinn ,
I will check the JDBC driver.
Concerning the other observations, for sure, this is not related to the casing as this is working perfectly on 7.3.6.
Plus, I don’t know which version of ao should I need to use now in my pom.xml (maybe it is the problem), now it is:


do you think this should be changed?

The version of Active Objects used in Jira 7.5.0 is 1.4.0. I’m not aware of any changes to AO that would have caused the problem you saw, but maybe it’s worth upgrading just in case.

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So a couple of suggestions.
Can you check your database logs to see if there are any errors there comes to mind as being a potential issue?
Otherwise - can you disable/enable the add-on and see if there are any errors thrown at the enabling time? It could be a database access error.

How were you able to find the active object version related to Jira version 7.5.0. Also thanks for the info.

I downloaded the Jira source code, and looked for the following entry in the pom.xml file:


I don’t have access to JIRA source code, is there any other way not requiring Jira source code?

Yes. You can ask people in the Developer Community. :wink:

Seriously though, I’m not aware that the information is published anywhere else. By the way, the Jira source code is available to anybody who has a commercial license for Jira Server, and even the cheapest commercial license ($10) will suffice.