ActiveObjects NameConverters for tests

This commit from 2011 (!!) removes the and which are still referenced in this tutorial (at the bottom of the page). After including the dependency given in the tutorial into my pom.xml I still don’t have those classes available.
Have these Converters been moved, i.e. is another maven dependency required now? Or Should other converters be used in tests now? Or is the use of the @NameConverters annotation as described in the tutorial obsolete altogether?
Thanks for any hint on this!

@ckirchhoff thank you for pointing this out, I’ve contacted our content team and they’ll follow up on this.

@pvandevoorde thanks for your reply - is there any news on this?


@ckirchhoff, I’ve notified the content team and it’s on their backlog.
But due to the fact that we are revamping the entire developer site and all developer docs it might take a while before this one is done.

@pvandevoorde, thank you for clarifying. I’ll just keep an eye on the docs then.