ActiveObjects with JUnit 5

In JUnit 4, we can use:

public abstract class AbstractAtlassianTest {

    // auto filled by ActiveObjectsJUnitRunner
    protected EntityManager entityManager;
    protected ActiveObjects ao;

    public void testSomethingWithActiveObjects() { ...

This is explained in Atlassian’s tutorial, which is necessary to test anyone’s plugins with the 4 DBMS. The dependency is activeobjects-tests.

JUnit 5 removed @RunWith, and replaced with extensions / @ExtendWith(...), but I don’t see any class provided by JUnit.

Is there an annotation such as @ExtendWith(ActiveObjectsExtension.class) for JUnit 5?

How can there not be an answer to this? If we are supposed to use Active Objects, I want to use Junit 5 in 2024. I’ve searched and searched how Atlassian expects us to store data, and no answer can be found, as every guide was updated the day before (spoiler: no, it wasn’t, some brilliant mind just thought it would be cool to change automatically the date).