Add CSS style on ADF comment


I want to change a comment in Jira Cloud adding a text to it, but not a single piece of text. I will create a hook to change the text and add this piece of text.

The problem is must be like a user mention, with a different background or styling that is not provided by using an ADF text mark (bold, italic, etc.). Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do. It’s kinda user mention, but it’s just a styled text (there’s no need for a link or tooltip).

I couldn’t find any option in ADF Documentation that can help with this. Is there a way to stylize an ADF or a comment text?

Hi @RafaelFontouraRodrig,

Perhaps you can manually create a comment in the style you wish using the Jira UI and then call{issue-key}/comment to see what the ADF looks like.


Hey, @dmorrow, thanks. But I think the comments I create using Jira UI are limited to what the editor toolbar provides, which I think are exactly what the ADF specs defines.