Add custom column to repository list page


I am trying to write my first plugin for Bitbucket. I followed the tutorial to add custom column on branches list. After I wanted to add custom column to repository list with e.g. description or number of branches. However, when I check for web.sections I do not see any on the repository list page. How can I solve it?


Hello, @abialas. I have not found the exact location you’re looking for but I believe this nifty method mentioned in Finding plugin points in the User Interface documentation can help you out; you just need to add the query parameters (web.items, web.panels, or web.sections) on any page you are in to show pluggable locations.

Hope this helps,

Hi @iragudo,

I searched for it with a usage of these query parameters and for the repositories list, I do not see any web section.
E.g. in a branches list I see bitbucket.branches.extras.