Add Java components to Jira dialog


I have a task to add quite a bit of information to the view issue screen (pictures, quite a bit of text, hierarchy information etc.). Since I don’t want to clutter it with too much data, I have decided to move most of it to a separate dialog, and leave just a button and a label in the view issue screen.
My question is - is there a way to add a JAVA component (lets say a treeview) to a Jira modal dialog or am I out of luck? Also, if I’m going completely in the wrong way - is there another, easier way, to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, if I’m misinterpreting: Do you want to generate content using Java and show the result in your dialog?

If yes, you could make a REST endpoint, call it upon a click on your button and show the result in your dialog.

Yes, that’s the basic idea - my java code will read a file and I will display its contents in a modal dialog. The question is how can I add a treeview component to it, so that I can display some part of the data inside it. I don’t see a similar control listed in the AUI documentation- and I guess my only other options is to use this -, but I don’t know how to add it to a dialog.

Are you looking for this?

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I’ll look into it, but it looks very promising. Thanks!