Add jira side bar to custom view

Hello !
I’m developing plugin which should have a view with jira side bar.Could someone please suggest how I can achieve this?

Thanks !

For a list of modules and extension points:

You would use the generalPages module to add a page. See:

It can you look something like this in your descriptor:

  "modules": "generalPages": [
      "key": "foo",
      "location": "",
      "name": {
        "value": "Foo on Left Nav"
      "url": "/foo?board_id={}&issue_id={}"

That will add a menu option with the text Foo on Left Nav and when a user clicks on it, it will open up a page (iframe) in the main content panel, with the source being https://yourbaseurl/url_above.

@nmansilla thank you a lot for reply !
I’m developing for Jira server actually. Also navigation to my page should be possible only from board backlog because I need to capture chosen sprint (sprintId).

For server - see

@danielwester thanks for reply !
Do be honest, I saw this doc, but I didn’t find a way how to include it to my page :frowning:
It contains a lot of fragmented data :frowning: No links to examples, a lot of codding stuff just described in plain text. I hope someone will find time to describe it properly and attach links to code and fix existent links.

My plugin already have all necessary dependencies, since I was able to easily include admin panel along with side bar. But I need just sidebar(without admin panel).
Could sidebar be included just as regular AUI component ?
Could you please share example if you have any ?

Thank you!