Add nested comments via REST

I’m trying to add nested comments via ReST (atlassian server not cloud)
Adding a comment to a page works for when I set the container object to something like :

"container": {
    	"id": 10649626,
        "type" : "page"

Where 10649626 is the Page Id.

I’ve tried setting the container to :

"container": {
    	"id": 123456789,
        "type" : "comment"

Where 123456789 is the Comment ID I’d like this new comment to be nested under.
The ReST put response does contain a new comment ID and returns as if successful, however the comment is not visible on the page, and it also does not appear as a resolved comment.

is “comment” a valid container type ?

Is this the right way to try and add a nested comment or is there some other magic incantation I need to evoke ?



Hi @MattKeenan,

I had a look through the published apis

and I’m note sure which one you’re calling. Can you provide a full example?