Add-on compatibility with Jira 6.x and 7.x

Our add-on is compatible with Jira 7.x and as there were major api changes form jira 6 to 7, it gives compilation error if I try to use jira 6.4.14 api. How should I make sure that my plugin code is compatible with both.

Thanks in advance

The biggest change to the API was, that JIRA 7 uses in almost all functions the “ApplicationUser” class instead of the “User” class for method arguments.

You’d need to write a reflection based wrapper around these functions in order to call them correctly.

Apart from that, it is unlikely that you will run into problems.


It strongly depends on your add-on. If you are using public API only, it might not be a big deal (except from the ApplicationUser part as mentioned by @wtfuii. However, if you are relying on private API or specific UI features, you might be in for a treat! In that case, I would recommend creating a separate version for JIRA6 support.

Keep in mind though that JIRA 6.x is already marked End of Life by Atlassian support, so it may be a good idea to double check if this is worth it.


Thanks everyone. I changed my code to make it compatible with jira 6.x . It was a bit difficult then I expected but could get it done.
Thanks for your support