Add-on not compatible with JIRA server version 7.7 and above

Hi, I have developed add-on which was compatible with both 6.x and 7.0 - 7.6 versions (data center compatible too).

I have uploaded the same plugin (without changing any code) onto JIRA server versions 7.7-7.8 and i am getting new error after installation saying add-on is not compatible with this JIRA version. I have checked the catlina.out log and didnt see any error.

Error : “This add-on installed successfully, but it is incompatible with your JIRA version. Features and functionality might be limited.”

Any help or direction is appreciated.

This is simply the user facing compatibility information reported by the UPM, which indicates that your app has not yet been marked as compatible with Jira 7.7+ in the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Marketplace automatically bumps the compatibility for new patch versions (e.g. 7.6.0 => 7.6.1), but it does not automatically bump the compatibility for new minor versions (e.g. 7.6.1 => 7.7.0), because a minor version might introduce compatibility issues with your app, and there is no mechanism to verify this automatically.

Accordingly, it is your responsibility as an app vendor to verify that your app is indeed compatible with the new minor version - the required activities depend on your app’s complexity, but at the very least
you should always consult the resp. Atlassian developer infos (e.g. Preparing for JIRA 7.7), and of course run your integration tests etc.

Once you have verified that your app is compatible with the new minor version, you can update the resp. compatibility information in the Marketplace, either via the ‘Manage app’ UI, or via the REST API.


@sopel I have already set the compatibility for the add-on in marketplace to support upto 8.1 version.

I have also tried to upload the add-on jar manually onto JIRA server, in both the cases i am getting the same error.

We been upgrading the plugin version as and when new version of JIRA is available (starting from JIRA 6.4) and this is the first time we are seeing this error

Compatibility information may also be exist in atlassian-plugin.xml file. It is not needed and you can remove it from that file if exist.

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@denizoguz thanks for the reply, i have double checked there is no setting in my atlassian-plugin.xml file.

if you have atlassian-plugin-marketing.xml please check it too.

Hi @denizoguz our plugin doesn’t have atlassian-plugin-marketing.xml configuration file

Hi @sandeep.boinpally,

I just checked your plugin in the marketplace and it currently stills says for Jira Server 6.4.1 - 7.6.4 .

So it looks like your update in the Marketplace hasn’t happened yet.

cc: @dparrish, @jgaard

Hi @pvandevoorde,

at the time of testing i have changed compatibility to support upto 7.8 but as we are seeing the errors, we reverted the compatibility for the plugin to 7.6.4 so that customers who install the plugin on to latest servers doesnt get errors. And more over i am uploading the jar file of my plugin manually on to server for testing, so it wont read the compatibility information from atlassian marketplace

If you upload your jar manually it checks the marketplace for the app and compares that way. My suggestion would be to drop in a request at and get the Marketplace support team to see what they can see.

Sure @daniel i will check marketplace support team