Add participant to customer request

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a customer request and to add a request participant in VB.NET. Two days ago it worked perfect, but know I get an error message, that the user could not be added. The parameter looks like this

 "{""serviceDeskId"":""1"",""requestTypeId"":""52"",""requestFieldValues"":{""summary"":""Test"",""description"":""Tel.: 111111""},""requestParticipants"":[""""]}"

and the error message I get is the following (german explanation):

  "{""errorMessage"":""Entschuldigung, aber die folgenden Benutzernamen konnten nicht als Teilnehmer zu dieser Anfrage hinzugefügt werden:"",""i18nErrorMessage"":{""i18nKey"":""sd.request.participants.username.error"",""parameters"":[""""]}}"

The user with this email address already exists and the username is the same as the email address. And the HTTP-request is done by an admin user.

Could someone help me ?

Just for my own reference, the English translation of the error message is:

“Sorry, but the following user names could not be added to this request as a participant:”

That is indeed strange. If the end-point has a problem with “” , then why does it complain that “” can’t be added as a participant?

I assume that you’re using the Create customer request REST end-point. The following comment in the API spec is worth noting:

requestParticipants field - Not available to users who only have the Service Desk customer permission or if the feature is turned off for customers.

You indicated that the request is being submitted by an admin user, so the first condition will have been satisfied. What about the second: “…or if the feature is turned off for customers.”? I’m taking a guess here, but check the customer permissions in the project settings:

Also, try using the Add request participants end-point. Does it give the same error message?

Of course the text should contain the correct email address too ( :smiley: was an copy paste mistake by me, sry for that.

I looked through the permission where the correct point is selected. But this permission is not relevant for me, I think. The reason is because I create the requests as an admin, so the customers do not need any permissions for sharing requests. Or am I missunderstanding something?

Is a customer? They must be a customer in order to be added as a participant. If they are not a customer, but they are a JIRA user, you can add them as a watcher.

Yes, this is actually a “portal only customer” and is also added to an organization in JIRA SD.

I changed my program now, so that the organization with this customer is added to a specific project (serviceDeskId 1) in JSD. Before that I only created the organization and added the customer to the organization. However this organization was still listed as an organization for the serviceDeskId 1.

But after specific adding the organization there is no more problems with adding a customer as participant to a request.

Another thought was that I could select any customers as participant to a request.