Add person to all existing and future projects as Administrator

Hi there
We have well over 200 projects and in in future may create many more. Some of them have myself on the project as administrator. Is is possible to add myself to all existing projects as admin and ensure I am automatically added to all new projects as well? I can go to Project > Settings > People and add myself but that will be a tedious exercise.
Please advise on how to do so?
Thank you

  1. Create a new group named Global Project Administrators
  2. Add yourself to it.
  3. Add the new group to all Permission Schemes under the Administer permission
  4. Remember to do Step 3 for any future new Permission Schemes
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Thanks for the prompt reply, @mdoar… Would this add my or the admin user that’s added to the group to be Administrator for all existing and new projects automatically?

Hi @mdoar - please advise / confirm the above? Thank you

Yes, but see Step 4 for future projects