Add react component in render function of dashboard-item js file loaded by amd module

I am trying to add dynamic multiple dashboard components for which i dont want to write multiple dashboard-item configuration.
I created a react app to handle that. And I am compiling that through web pack and atlassian-webresource-webpack-plugin.

Configuration of atlassian web pack resource is as following:
new WrmPlugin({
pluginKey: PLUGIN_KEY,
transformationMap: false,
contextMap: {
gadget: ${PLUGIN_KEY}:gadget-resources,
xmlDescriptors: path.resolve(

I need to access the files generated by above configuration in
js file loaded by amd module of dashboard-item.

Jira Charts XYZ dashboard-items/gadget-try

How can I refer web pack generated files within the file loaded by dashboard-items/gadget-try