Add user to team and group with API

Hello, I want to invite existing user to the team and assign to group using API.
According to this page I still can do it with /1.0/users/{accountname}/invitations endpoint.

Unfortunately when I’m trying to make POST I’m getting error with message This API is no longer supported.\n\nFor information about its removal, please refer to the deprecation notice at:

Three other endpoints mentioned on this page are still working. Is there another option to invite user to team and assign to group? I have only email of BitBucket user which I want to invite (no uuid, no username).


If you’re getting that error response, it is most likely due to a typo in the uri, because that endpoint is still supported (and it seems like you’re getting a 410). This{accountname}/invitations worked for me when I curled it. accountname should be the account or team administrator and the group_slug can be found under Settings in User Groups.

Also, please ensure you are using PUT requests and include the --header and --data contents.

Hope this is helpful!