Adding a field to a screen configuration using Jira Rest API

Hi everyone! I have the following problem. My application uses Jira REST API and allows users to estimate their Jira issues. Sometimes, the user chooses a field that is not added to a screens configuration used by the project. When my app tries to update this field via REST API, I’m getting Field 'customfield_10030' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.. I want to implement a way to fix it for the user and add this field to a screen configuration using Jira API.

  1. Get screen configuration for a project/issue to get the screen ids that need to be updated (missing)
  2. Get screen tabs:
  3. Add screen tab field:

Is there any way to get the screens configuration for a project/issue via Jira REST API? There’s a call to add a field to a default screen, but it’s not enough. I’d appreciate some help!

Hi @BartoszJarockiNA ,

Provided you have the manage:jira-project permission, you can use this API: to check what screens a field is on. You can pass the field IDs from your project or issue. Please let me know if this solves your use case!