Adding CustomUI to each page automatically

I’d like to build a custom ratings widget for a Confluence space that I own. I understand that Forge has different modules to achieve this. For example, there’s the byline module… That gets added to every page but it’s just some small text under the title. There are also content summaries which are available on each page, but you have to click the 3 dots and find the app in the dropdown.

There are also macros, but those have to be added to individual pages in the editor.

What’s the correct module for adding a basic React component and/or basic HTML/CSS to every page?

Hey Stephen, I think you’ve made a good assessment of what’s possible in Forge. It sounds like content byline module is probably closest to what you want, but the Custom UI will only display when the user clicks on the text.

Your other option would be switching to a Connect app and using something like the Web Panel .