Adding scope to descriptor

Hi all,

Let’s assume the scenario:

  • Descriptor 1.0.0 is out and installed by the customer
  • I add a scope to the descriptor
    ** This will cause the version to be update to 1.1.0
    ** Customer will need to approve the new descriptor
  • Later I make another tiny change to the descriptor → Version 1.1.1

If the customer didn’t approve the scope change with version 1.1.0 will they be stuck with version 1.0.0 for ever, or will they get the change of 1.1.1 but with the old scope?

Hi @ErkkiLepre ,

The customer will be stuck on version 1.0.0 until they approve the new scopes. The ramification is that your code needs to consider that not all customers have the scopes required by the latest version of your app.



Thanks for confirming. Assumed as much.