Adding transition to EditIssue REST API call does not trigger transition (v3)

I’m using the Cloud REST API v3.

The EditIssue endpoint documentation ( says:

Edits an issue. A transition may be applied and issue properties updated as part of the edit.

However when I make a PUT request containing fields, updates, and a new transition ID (under their correct sections), the fields are updated but the transition is not executed. Running the field updates and then calling the TransitionIssue API correctly transitions the issue.

I’d like to not have 2 separate calls because the field updates and transition should execute as a transaction.

Is this a bug or am I overlooking a step when applying a transition via EditIssue?

Hello @david.gunter,

This smells like a real issue to me. I tried replicating the issue and was able to consistently replicate it. Having said that, I created ACJIRA-1668 to publicly track this issue.


Thanks for making a bug report for this! Will be a big help to get it functional again to reduce the number of requests I have to make. Will keep an eye on this.

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