Admin Configuration Form Tutorial

I’ve been trying to set up a Config menue for my plugin.
I did this tutorial two times:
But both times(in Confluence) the rest recource was not populated. when I tried going to the “/rest/xproduct-admin/1.0/” rest resource, which should have been populated by a form submit, I only get “time:0”.
Anyone run into the same problem or know how to resolve this?

thanks in advance. :fish:

you’re getting a successful http response. if your endpoint didn’t work you’d get a 404 or a 500. looks like you got json which is being rendered by the browser. name is null and time is an Integer that defaults to 0. Problem is your PUT didn’t persist. did you get a 204 from your PUT? did you compare your code to the bitbucket repository. or compile that code to see if it worked? personally I use ao to store my plugin config.

thanks for the fast reply.

I do not get any errors. You are correct in suspecting I got browser rendered data, but the unrendered data shows me the same result. :sweat:
And I also tried running the code from the repository. same problem.

It’s a late reply but may help someone in future, the problem is in the tutorial, they need to correct it.
In admin.vm file resources are not referred correctly so JS files are not loaded. To solve this issue you need to update admin.vm file.

Replace this line:
With this: