Advice on Jira Software Cloud Deployment and Configuration Management

We are evaluating Jira Software in the Cloud to use as an issue management tool across a number of enterprises engaged in a collaborative project. We will be exploring configuration and customization of screens, workflows etc.

We want to manage the development in a controlled, DevOps manner so will be looking at the very least to have a development environment to develop and test customisations before releasing the new features and config to our production environment. We are familiar with this approach in a Microsoft Power Platform cloud landscape where we export a zipped ‘solution’ file and import it to the prod environment.

Could anyone point me to any resources covering how to do this in a Jira cloud environment. The challenge includes:

  • spinning up new environments with our custom config in an automated, not manual, way.

  • deploying updates over existing environments without impacting data.

Any guidance much appreciated